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Brewing Company in the French Quarter Serving New Orleans, LA

The Crescent City Brewhouse is located in a legendary French Quarter building on the historical property at 527 Decatur Street. The property was included in the earliest known city plan signed in 1722 -- records indicate a two-story, 14 room house was built on this site in the mid-1700s.

The great fire of 1794 devastated much of the French Quarter and burned this house to the ground. After being rebuilt, it was the home of many New Orleans families of distinction until 1916, when it was used for fur processing.

In 1991, the Crescent City Brewhouse opened on the site, bringing New Orleans and Louisiana its first brewpub. This represented a revival of the brewing industry that once flourished in the immediate area, and the first brewery to open in more than 72 years. Stop by our historic French quarter brewery today to sample our fine selection of craft beer & local cuisine!



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The design of the Crescent City Brewhouse has been recognized and awarded with the Vieux Carre City Council Award for maintaining the integrity of the historic property and an outstanding renovation.