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November Art Show Reception featuring Jim Sohr & Luis Colmenares

October 17 2017 | News

Crescent City Brewhouse would like to extend an invitation out to all interested in attending an art opening reception for Jim Sohr and Luis Colmenares. It will be held on Tuesday, November 7 from 5 - 7pm at Crescent City Brewhouse, 527 Decatur St. Complimentary beer and hors d'oeuvres will be served. For more information about it, please call Charles Lebeuf at (504) 522-3901.

Jim Sohr was born in Wisconsin and made his way to New Orleans in the 1960"s. After a short stint in the Merchant Marines and in California, Sohr made his way back to New Orleans and into the world of art. As an artist his work invokes a sense of comic surrealism. He uses bold lines and bright colors to create dream-like landscapes and portraits that find influence in his Wisconsin upbringing, his break from the structure of his Methodist past and life in the Merchant Marines as well as the hippie culture of the 1960's, while often blurring the line between the modern world and fantasy. In reflection on his art, Sohr says "There's a comic influence, there's a a surrealist influence, and it has to be primitive because I'm not art educated. I had no formal training...I loved Picasso and I loved Dali. And Marc Chagal. The only person I can draw a line of comparison to is Fernand Leger. I had an albatross around my neck because I was hung up on this European school that was rapidly becoming out of favor."

Luis Colmenares is a New Orleans based artist whose work spans over three decades and many different mediums. Hurricane Katrina not only destroyed his studio but devastated his community. During the recovery period, Luis worked to rebuild his community and his prominence in the New Orleans art community. He contributed to restoring the culture of New Orleans through his art work. In 2015 at the 10-year anniversary of the storm, he was tasked with the project of creating commemorative scupltures around St. Bernard Parish. Luis' newest creation, "Bleudreaux", is based on a family pet, a brilliant blue crawfish found within a sack of seafood. Luis combines bright primary colors and a strong line to create a magical world for "Bleudreaux" that finds its inspiration in the sights, sounds, and cultures of New Orleans and southern Louisiana.