French Quarter

Honoring Henry

October 15 2018 | News

Michael Henry stands proudly among the Employee of the Month plaques as he has for the last 27 years leading the Brew Krewe as the kitchen supervisor. 

When asked about Henry and his 27 year tenure, his coworkers all have fond memories.

"He's a superb cook and a monument at the Brewhouse," Wynnie, Assistant to the Head Engineer. 

"He brightens my day; he's my favorite person. He comes prepared with the dad jokes," Audra, Head Hostess and Supervisor.

Servers Saige and Steven noted that Henry is "always smiling" and "always makes sure [they're] having a good day."

When asking Henry his favorite thing about Crescent City Brewhouse, he talked about loving his fellow kitchen staff. He talked about how he loves coming to work, and he wants to make sure his children know how amazing it is to stick with something for so long. 

We're glad you stuck with us, too, Michael Henry. Happy Workiversary from the Brew Krewe!